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La capacità effettiva (dall' inglese throughput, abbreviata in THR) di un canale di telecomunicazione è la capacità di trasmissione effettiva che viene usata, ed è minore di quella teorica. Si calcola attraverso la formula: ; dove è l'efficienza del protocollo usato, e la capacità di trasmissione.
Example of Throughput. Consider a company called ABC Corp. that manufactures chairs. The company’s management wants to increase its profits by improving the operations process. Therefore, the management decides to find out the company’s current throughput. Currently, the company holds 100 chairs in inventory.
Inglese. Italiano. throughput n. (work rate) volume di produzione nm. The factory is planning to increase its throughput this year. La fabbrica progetta di aumentare il volume di produzione quest'anno. throughput n. (computers: bandwidth) (informatica)
Throughput is the amount of a product or service a company can produce and deliver to a client in a specific period of time. Businesses with high throughput levels can take market share away from ...
throughput ?t?rùuput? s. ingl. [comp. di through «attraverso» e (to) put «mettere»] (pl. throughputs ?t?rùuputs?), usato in ital. al masch. – In informatica, la quantità di dati che transita attraverso una porta di un sistema di elaborazione.
throughput - definizione, significato, pronuncia audio, sinonimi e più ancora. Che cosa è throughput? 1. an amount of work, etc. done in a particular period of time: 2. an amount of work, etc. done in…: Vedi di più ancora nel dizionario Inglese - Cambridge Dictionary
Bandwidth vs Throughput: Theoretical Packet Delivery and Actual Packet Delivery. On the surface bandwidth and throughput appear to be similar but they couldn’t be further apart in practice. The most common analogy used to describe the relationship between the two is to consider bandwidth as a pipe and throughput as water.
Throughput rate figures are most useful when operations management professionals and other business leaders use them to analyze a business's efficiency. Since every business accommodates a unique set of operations elements depending on its size, overhead and operating costs, you may find that an analysis of throughput rates is relative.
If you know throughput and bandwidth levels for your network, you have valuable information for assessing network performance. Throughput tells you how much data was transferred from a source at any given time and bandwidth tells you how much data could theoretically be transferred from a source at any given time.Knowing how both throughput and bandwidth are performing is crucial for ...
A seconda della larghezza di banda, o della capacità del punto di accesso wireless, l'aggiunta di più client (dispositivi connessi) alla rete potrebbe ridurre la velocità effettiva, con conseguente velocità di download inferiore mantenendo la stessa velocità di connessione. Ci sono anche altri fattori che possono influenzare il throughput ...
Traduzione di "throughput" in italiano. Sostantivo. Aggettivo. throughput m produttività f rendimento m produzione f velocità effettiva f portata f flusso m resa f volume m velocità di trasmissione capacità produttiva. banda f. Altro. This results in improved overall AGP data throughput. Il risultato è quello di migliorare nel complesso il ...
THROUGHPUT: traduzioni in italiano e definizioni in inglese. Da, il miglior dizionario online inglese ? italiano gratuito.
throughput definition: 1. an amount of work, etc. done in a particular period of time: 2. an amount of work, etc. done in…. Learn more.
Here are the three best definitions of throughput: Basically, “Throughput” is the number of transactions produced over time during a test. It’s also expressed as the amount of required capacity that a website or application can handle. Also, before starting a performance test run, it is common to have a throughput goal that the ...
throughput: [noun] the amount of something (such as material, data, etc.) that passes through something (such as a machine or system) — compare input, output.
Latency and Throughput definitions. Latency – The time taken for a packet to be transferred across a network. You can measure this as one-way to its destination or as a round trip. Throughput – The quantity of data being sent and received within a unit of time.
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Network throughput (or just throughput, when in context) refers to the rate of successful message delivery over a communication channel, such as Ethernet or packet radio, in a communication network.The data that these messages contain may be delivered over physical or logical links, or through network nodes.Throughput is usually measured in bits per second (bit/s or bps), and sometimes in data ...
Reboot, Rebuild and Reset Business Strategies for Resilient Supply Chains. ThroughPut gives you a holistic view across your Upstream and Downstream operations to drive key decisions faster for optimum output and business performance along with a smooth flow of materials, processes, people and information. Demand Sensing.
Different kinds of throughput. Total Firewall Throughput – Wide open, no security features. NGFW Throughput – Intrusion Prevention Services and Application Control are on. SSL-VPN ThroughputThroughput when connected to the network via an SSL-VPN. Threat Protection Throughput – Speed when IPS, Application Control, and Malware Protection.
Funnel Model 3 Il diagramma di throughput è un modello per monitorare la dinamica del processo che accade nel funnel (sistema produttivo sotto esame) ? a partire dagli eventi rilevati al funnel (arrivo, uscita) è possibile costruire un diagramma di throughput per area (detto anche diagramma di input/output) Diagramma di Throughput (detto anche di input/output)
Throughput is a measure of how many units of information a system can process in a given amount of time. It is applied broadly to systems ranging from various aspects of computer and network systems to organizations. Related measures of system productivity include , the speed with which some specific workload can be completed, and response ...
Throughput is typically used to analyze manufacturing performance, as the way it divides the process into several parts makes it easier to identify the elements that could be improved. Cycle time is more often used to measure overall responsiveness, as it represents the total amount of time from the moment a product's manufacturing process starts until it's been delivered to the customer.
Throughput time. Throughput time is the amount of time it takes for you to get a product made, from the moment you start making it, to the moment it lands back in your inventory ready to get shipped out. Here’s a quick calculation for a manufacturer who produces 100 items across 8 hours: 100 / 8 = 12.5
Throughput, in simple terms, refers to the amount of data that has passed between a set of points — whether between hard drives or over an internet connection or anywhere else. The term actually originates from non-computing contexts as a measure of how much of anything could be processed — be it freight through a shipping line, passengers ...
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Throughput amount data time bandwidth network throughput. velocit capacit effettiva work etc. inglese management operations time. done packet business measure diagramma.

How To Calculate Throughput Rate (With Examples) ?

Throughput rate figures are most useful when operations management professionals and other business leaders use them to analyze a business's efficiency.

What is throughput?

Throughput is a measure of how many units of information a system can process in a given amount of time.