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seat n. (part of pants covering the buttocks) (pantaloni) dietro, didietro, posteriore nm. She ripped a hole in the seat of her trousers. S'è fatta un buco nel dietro dei pantaloni. seat n. (saddle of a bicycle) sellino nm. New bicycles have padded seats.
Traduzione di "seating" in italiano. Sostantivo. Verbo. posti a sedere seduta sedile capienza poltrone divano bagno sala panca terrazza tavoli posto a sedere. It is a multi-component head designed for flexible seating. È una testa a più componenti progettata per la disposizione dei posti a sedere flessibile.
seating: [noun] material for covering or upholstering seats. a seat on or in which something rests.
Define seating. seating synonyms, seating pronunciation, seating translation, English dictionary definition of seating. n. 1. a. The act of providing or furnishing with a seat or seats. b. The seats so provided or furnished: seating for 500. 2.
Lorell ® Seating line offers upholstered or breathable mesh seating options that create the perfect blend of comfort and design. The seating has various adjustable features and a choice of functional mechanisms to ensure the chair is durable and functional to create a personal. Choose a Multi-tilt chair or a tilt chair for executive suites.
Seating The world leader in luxury and performance seating. Lear has an enduring legacy of superior engineering, manufacturing, and craftsmanship across a vast global footprint. As the only seating supplier with in-house electronic and software capabilities, we offer the most sophisticated seating capabilities of any supplier around the world.
We rely on precise design, top quality, handmade production and family tradition. We are a Czech family company and for almost thirty years we have been supplying seating for offices, public and private spaces. A large part of our products are manufactured directly in Boskovice where we continue the tradition of the local textile industry.
Powered by insight and design, Seating has pioneered the contract furniture industry in South Africa over the last 4 decades. We produce office chairs, tables, soft seating and components; for the corporate, retail and hospitality sectors. Our in-house services include R&D, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, upholstery, quality control ...
Benvenuti in Seating Components. Chi siamo e la nostra esperienza. Ad oggi Seating Components ha realizzato più di 200 progetti, dallo studio alla realizzazione del prodotto finale. Con più di 25 anni di esperienza nel settore della componentistica siamo in grado di risolvere ogni tua esigenza.
sede nf. The seat of the annual meeting was usually in the countryside. La sede dell'incontro annuale di solito era in campagna. seat n. (law: government site) sede nf. File the report at the county seat. Presenta la tua denuncia alla sede della contea. seat n.
EMMEGI: sedute per ufficio, collettività e sistemi soft seating. Emmegi è un brand italiano che da oltre sessant’anni progetta e crea soluzioni per l’ufficio e gli spazi collettivi. È specializzata nella produzione di poltrone operative e direzionali, soft seating, sedie e arredi per grandi ambienti, poltrone per auditorium e complementi ...
Our free printable seating chart templates are poster-sized, so you can download your file in high-resolution and send it straight to your printer or directly to Canva Print for a quality finish and free delivery. Easy peasy. On the day of your event, keep copies on your reception table for the guests to easily find their names.
Correct seating of guests at the banquet will not spoil the holiday and facilitate its organizer's celebration. Even a royal family has a wedding seating chart! The seating of guests at the wedding has the following positive aspects: Waiters will easily find invitees who have special dishes - this applies to elderly and sick guests.
To be a benchmark at international level in the design and manufacture of seating installations for organisations, providing quality in each of our projects, step by step, as we have been doing for 25 years.; ; Values. Values. Continuous growth 100% Design and innovation
Seating arrangements have the power to make or break deals, relationships, and even event goals. “Much of getting what you want comes down to where (event attendees) sit,” says Brian Lee, Chief of Product Management at Lifehack.And where people sit depends on the type of seating arrangement that’s chosen for the event, meeting, conference, etc.
VI SECTOR - NUMBERED SEATS ON THE STEPS. €35,00. €32,00. €30,00. €28,00. PREMIÈRES and GALA EVENINGS. Carmen 17/6 · Aida 18/6 · Gala Domingo in Verdi Opera Night 25/8. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday and Sunday + Roberto Bolle and Friends 20/7.
Seating. Designs that allow us to sit down in various ways, be it for a meal in the inviting comfort of an armchair, taking a break in the elevated elegance of a bar stool, a desk chair that provides flexibility for the home office, enveloping lounge chairs for living room settings or modern benches for the hallway or dining area.
Outdoor Seating. Since our founding in 1938, Knoll has used modern design to develop furniture that remains relevant in an ever changing world, yielding an extensive portfolio of outdoor furniture. Utilizing the latest materials and manufacturing techniques, these chairs exist easily in both indoor and outdoor environments.
Seating is one of the key strategic systems inside the vehicle. Faurecia’s development of security, comfort, thermal and other technologies make it a world leader in automotive seating, providing innovative solutions for a safe, smart and comfortable onboard experience.
?eský výrobce kancelá?ského sezení. Nabízíme designové židle, k?esla a pohovky pro kancelá?e, ve?ejné prostory i soukromé interiéry.
Maybe not yet, but on this page you'll find links to European train seating plans, showing the layout and numbering of seats & berths in specific types of train and carriage for the main countries in Europe. Keeping all the links working is difficult, so please report any dead links, or any new train seat plans.
Seating Cards. Per gli invitati è importante sapere a che tavolo si siederanno per sapere con quali altri invitati condivideranno i momenti di festa di un matrimonio. Dato che quel giorno non sarete disponibili per risolvere i dubbi di tutti, è indispensabile preparare un seating plan, per esempio con delle cartoline da mettere in un punto ...
Customers can select and buy their preferred seat online from the time of booking right up to 2 hours before each booked flight. There are 3 types of reserved seats available for purchase online: Extra legroom seats from €/£14.00 - Rows 1, 2 (D, E, F) & 16-17 per flight. Front Seats from €/£7.00 - Rows 2 (A, B, C)-5 per flight.
ACTIU’s office chairs make soft seating suitable for high performance, creating different and inspiring spaces where employees can disconnect without leaving the work environment. In such a way, we ensure that concentration is not lost despite being in a relaxed environment. We have meeting chairs that also offer comfort and well-being.
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